Aeronautics is a stage featured in Panic Museum.



Aeroplanes appear in the real stage. They can hit you or drop bombs at you.

Su-Flanker JetEdit

Su=Flankers can drop bombs and in the boss, they are harmless.


Bi-planes make three scene appearances. They only appear when the quote, "YIKES! Looks like we're not welcome here..." appears. What you must do is to shoot them.

Bomb DropperEdit

Bomb Droppers only appear in one scene. If you shoot their bombs, they fly away.

Green TankEdit

An unseen soldier is driving the Green Tank. Kill him before he will shoot you. There are two during the boss battle and are harmless.

Military HelicopterEdit

Helicopters have appeared in the army base. They can shoot missiles.

Giant Blackhawk Helicopter (Boss)Edit

This helicopter will be "making up your game"! You'll be able to shoot the missiles as they are about to damage you. Destroy the red helicopters and shoot the seat. Deflect the missiles. Sometimes, it will use its machine gun. This attack is undeflectable and must intercept the weakness.