Ancient Civilization is a stage featured in Panic Museum.



Mummies are common enemies. They can claw or throw green bubbles.

King TutEdit

The pharaoh is dead and destroying it turns it into a mummy.


Hainawas will be very difficult. They can charge at you and the camera won't move until you kill them.

Totem PoleEdit

One part of the totem pole is the eagle. It takes four hits to kill and it can fly into you. After killing the Hainawas or Mummies, three will spit fireballs into you. If you take too long, you walk away from these annoying monsters. If three are destroyed, you walk away.

Red-Eyed BatEdit

This dangerous bat can bite you and they act as common enemies.

Anubis StatuesEdit

Anubises will fire heads at you. Destroy them to let them stop firing.

Winged ScorpionEdit

Scorpions are harmless first. They can attack you during the boss battle.

Wall FaceEdit

Wall faces can drop rocks at you. Destroy the rocks before you hit it.

Great Sphinx (Boss)Edit

This Sphinx is HUGE! Its weak spot is the orb. Shoot the orb with your gun and note that the winged scorpions come out from its mouth. Then, it'll use its spiked foot to impale you. Then, it'll crash into rocks and hold 'em back before you get hit! Avoid lasting the battle too long as it's getting very difficult.


Trivia Edit

This level resembles Konami's Crypt Killer (1995). Mummies, totem poles and a giant sphinx boss was encountered in that game.