Aquatic Lifeforms is a stage featured in Panic Museum.



Blowfish are common enemies in the game. They bloat into a ball to attack the player.

Gulper EelEdit

Gulper eels appear briefly in the stage. They will try to bite you.


Ammonites (extinct relatives of the Nautilus) appear briefly in the stage. They have two counterparts, like the blowfish. Empty ammonite shells appear during the boss battle as one of the giant coelacanth's attacks.

Bathynomus DoederleiniiEdit

Bathynomus Doederleini is a specie of isopod. Kill the flashing ones to avoid damage. Dead isopods are very fast to shoot during the boss battle.

Latimeria ChalumnaeEdit

Latimeria Chalumnae is a coelacanth. They make three scene appearances.


Monkfish is an anglerfish. They can chomp the player.

Sandbar SharkEdit

A school of sandbar sharks appear on the real world. They must be shot down.

Cretoxyrhina SharkEdit

Cretoxyrhina is a prehistoric great white shark. It appears as main enemies in the stage. Lots of Cretoxyrhina serve as the coelacanth's bullets.

Horseshoe CrabEdit

Only three horseshoe crabs appear. They can jump at you.

Giant Coelacanth (Boss)Edit

The giant coelacanth is the boss of the stage. It can bring in sharks and can make a mess by digging dirt.


Trivia Edit

This level resembles the Sega's 1998 ocean-themed, arcade shooter called The Ocean Hunter.