Armoury is a stage featured in Panic Museum.


Medieval KnightEdit

Knights either have swords or spears. Aim their body to make them fall down.

Japanese SamuraiEdit

Samurais hold swords and shoot arrows at you. Kill them before they hit you.

Movie NinjaEdit

Ninjas teleport to an area and can throw shurikens at you.

Castle CatapultEdit

Catapults will shoot fireballs at you. Kill the knights to destroy the catapults.

Big Black CannonEdit

The first dangerous cannon will shoot fireballs.

Samurai ArrowEdit

Samurais fire arrows in the stage.

Executioner AxeEdit

Axes appear in the first scene and then random armory in the catapult scene and the cannon scene.

Medieval SwordEdit

Swords can be very tough. In the start, you'll be forced to deal with a lot of swords. Swords appear as random armory in the catapult and cannon scenes.

European ScytheEdit

The toughest of all armory in the stage, scythes are very hard to hit. They appear only in two scenes.

Roman SpearEdit

Spears appear as random armory in the stage.


Nozzle fighters can either shoot missiles or charge at you.

Tie FightersEdit

Like in Star Wars, TIE can shoot missiles and will retreat if you destroy their missiles.

Security GunsEdit

Guns on the ground are dangerous.

Giant Space Command Centre (boss)Edit

The centre can fire missiles or summon enemies. Aim the core to kill it.