Here's a walkthrough for Panic Museum.

Note: Like the Japanese version, 2 iterations of Panic Museum were released: one with the museum's standard layout, the other going around in a loop. While all versions with the standard layout allowed you to select your stages, with the loop, you could only select your stages in the Japanese version. This walkthrough applies to English versions using the loop layout, which has you going through each stage in clockwise order. Furthermore, it does not cover the bonus stages, which should be self-explanatory.

Ancient CivilizationEdit

Okay, welcome to the museum of mummies and Canadians! Kill the mummy first and defeat another mummy and another mummy in a pharaoh's headdress. Shoot the mummy as he throws skulls at you.

Grand Library Edit

Aeronautics Edit

Aquatic Lifeforms Edit

Toys and Hobbies Edit

Armoury Edit

A moment after entering the exhibit, axes will slowly prepare tor attack. You'll make a right turn towards four knights. Watch out; To the left