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History is happening in the present, it is mixing between the police and fantasy genres. Two detectives called Chris Wild and Akira Nakata, investigating the disappearances of people starting from a museum. There you will find that the place comes alive because of six magical sphres linked to a tablet, created by an alien who wants to create his own kingdom by alterating reality itself. After the sphers disbanded into different places, Chris and Akira decide to embark to a great journey that will be undertaken, to find out the person who created the magical sources, responsible for the disappearances.

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Chris Wylde - a young female detective who seek out her vision throughout dangers what will happens. She seems to have a powerful vision that may happen to her past and future.

Akira Nakata - a young male Japanese-American detective, his occupation was a security guard as his carrier. He has a great phobia to anything scary.