The Grand Library is a stage featured in Panic Museum.


Horror BookEdit

Horror books appear in the first scene. They are slower than the ones at the ceiling. The ones can attack very fast. They also attack you when Frankenstein chases you.

Wonderland CardEdit

Soldier cards appear in a few scenes. They are from horror books. They can throw spears at you. The last one can try to spear you. They appear tossed by Frankenstein during the battle.


The pumpkins are very quick. You gotta shoot them as that's a threat in the game. There is a chance that Frankenstein will throw these at you.

Malicious WitchEdit

The witches will try to throw pumpkins at you. Some of them are harmless and some are tossed by the creature.


Frankenstein will begin to chase you and books will try to attack you. Destroy the books and the creature will escape. The Creature will throw many toys at you and note that you must kill the pumpkins as they are quick. Shoot the light to crush the monster.

Humpty DumptyEdit

Actually, this egg doesn't act as a common enemy, but it is only a projectile.

Killer BeeEdit

Bees appear as common enemies in the Insect Encyclopedia. They are very fast and tough to kill.

Queen Bee (boss)Edit

The gigantic bee attacks by summoning bees and throwing oak. Its weak spot is its heart.


Trivia Edit

The way the cards attack you is similar to a segment in Kingdom Hearts where the players fend off Wonderland Cards ordered by the Queen of Harts to kill the players.