Toys & Hobbies is a stage featured in Panic Museum.


Japanese DollEdit

Japanese dolls appeared briefly and can attack you. They appear during the boss fight.

French DollEdit

French dolls appear as one of the boss' toys.

Angry GnomesEdit

Gnomes can throw axes at you. They only appear in one scene.

Fortune TellerEdit

The fortune teller can throw swords at you. Destroy her and you're about to enter Toyland.

Toy SoldierEdit

Toy soldiers appear in the first scene. They have guns. Next, they can jump at you. They appear in the boss fight as one of the robot's toys.


Racecars are toughest in the stage. They can jump at you, so aim carefully.

Small DollEdit

Small dolls only made appearances as one of the boss' toys.

Blackhawk HelicopterEdit

Four helicopters appeared before going upstairs. During the boss fight, four will appear.

Evil ClownEdit

Clowns have swords and they appear when you go up. Next, the others throw dynamites at you.

Porcelain DollEdit

Porcelain dolls made a few appearances. They appear in the first scene and then the boss scene.

Chess PieceEdit

Chess pieces appear by the entrance to Toyland. They unleash clowns that throw dynamites.

Giant Toy Robot (Boss)Edit

The robot attacks by shooting missiles, throwing its head, using a laser beam and summoning toys.